Emergency Medicine Training in the UK

If you are interested in training in Emergency Medicine then this page gives you a guide to the UK training programme.

Overview of training

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For more information then please visit the College Of Emergency Medicine website.


There have been recent changes to the UK Emergency Medicine training which make it even easier to train in the world's greatest medical specialty.  There are 2 main areas that are being piloted:

  1. Run through training (ACCS to CCT)
  2. Alternative routes of entry into Emergency Medicine higher specialist training

Follow this link to find out more.

If you are currently in training (e.g. ACCS, ST3) - click here for more information about how this scheme applies to you!


How will training change in the future?

The Shape of Training Review (published in 2014 - Prof David Greenaway) gives a report on how post graduate training should change in the future.  In essence, there are 5 major themes but here are some interesting points.

  • All doctors will have to provide acute and emergency care (no problem there!)
  • Doctors will get there CCT after their generalist training (and so sub-specialty training will occur post CCT)
  • There will be a focus on community facing care (blurring the boundary between primary and secondary care)



This comprises 2 years (CT1, CT2)

link releveant to ACCS


blah blah  MCEM part B & C must be completed before progression  to ST4


This is the final stretch.  During this time you must complete all of the required competencies, culminating in the FCEM exam

Curriculum etc


Specialist training




Additional resources

link to WBPA

What does it involve?



For more information go to the College web page on Core and HST

ACCS routes of entry
Advice for the ARCP 2008
Assessment forms
Basic sciences
Common competences
Curriculum and Assessment for SST in PEM competences
Curriculum and Assessment Systems for CST ACCS CT1-3 & HST ST4-6
Emergency Medicine Training Programme Flow Chart
Exams training 
Gold Guide 2010
HST competences final
Presentations procedures
Quick Reference Jul 2010
WBA accs (tiff) 
2007 calculations


Workplace based assessment forms

(these files are linked directly to the CEM website files for download)

MiniCex -

Case based discussion




Anaesthetic forms:


  • Audit

Procedural log
Teaching observation
Audit assessment