Surgery and Anaesthesia

Abdominal Examination

Acute visual loss

Anaesthetic machine check list

Anatomy of the Eye


CEM Guidelines

Biers Block

Ketamine Sedation

Pain in Children

Pain in adults

Safe Sedation (2012)


Better Care for the Severely Injured from Royal College of Surgeons

Clinical features of Torsion


ENT Emergencies Lecture

Eye examination

Eye emergencies Lecture



Loin Pain

Mediastinum Anatomy Revision


NICE guidelines

USS for Central line insertion

Intravenous fluids in adults (in hospital)

Pre-hospital fluids

Sedation in Children

UTI in men


Ocular manifestations of systemic diseases

Pancreatic Complications

(Pancreatic scoring etc see 'Gastrointestinal')

Plain Abdominal X-ray

Red Eye

Renal Colic Management

Renal Colic Pathophysiology

Sedation: Safe Practice

Sedation Lecture


SIGN guidelines

Paediatric Sedation

Sore throat (and tonsillectomy indications)


USS in renal calculi